The term corporate production means the audio-video based communication like high definition video, DVD and streaming video made to be used by any company or organization. The corporate video is only subjected to special purpose only and is implemented with the limited audience. This includes videos used for the promotion of company. The manager of the company is responsible for the production of the company. Staff training and safety videos, promotional/brand films are the examples of corporate production.

With the advance in technology. Today competition is prevailing between the video productions company and other production techniques like- television and others. Now, the corporate video is produced using the old methods of production including techniques like television for making more audience who are more into watching videos by this platform and mode. it might get themed on most popular television series.

The best way to promote your video is to make your video and publish it onto your website. This is fifty times more liked by audience then watching videos from famous platforms like YouTube and others. Corporate Production Company gets the brief of the client, make a script and arrange a delivery date and make it scheduled. The time and date does vary greatly. Some videos use minimum crew and some basic equipment. While some videos with high budget uses high techniques.

The corporate video production process involve the following stages:

  1. Script writing and story writing is included in production process. Company’s and client budget is also decided here only.
  2. Camera crew and the film director are also included. this also includes other elements like actors and presenters.
  3. Post-production and video editing -the footage of the film is edited. it includes adding graphics, recording audio, adding composition sequences and adding 3d also.

Types and usage:

  • Staff training / instruction and safety videos.
  • Investor relations / financial results
  • Company promotional/brand videos
  • New product or service online presentations
  • Video role play (often with actors)
  • Client and customer testimonial videos
  • Prom video (A summary of an event or activity is shown)
  • Corporate event filming (example, a new product launch or conference)
  • Live and on-demand webcasting
  • Technology and product demonstration videos
  • Business television

Why is video production company required?

1. Everyone Likes to Consume Information Differently

Our first goal is to educate the learners of the world because they are the population who will use our services and products. Teaching them why they need your service and how can they render you the trust should be the primary goal for your company.

2. Google Loves Video

Google’s love towards videos is very obvious. infect if the Google doesn’t gives the option of searching in YouTube then Google makes an option of severe links that switches directly to the video mode3.

Video Is Easy to Share. Sites like you tube, vimeo makes video sending really fast and available to all users across world. Now sharing videos at a thumb is famous for all and quite easy also. This will help you because people will share your videos on their blog and you will be publicized. They will post it on face book and other social media websites. This means if your video content is good the you don’t need to take care of its publicity. Other users will make your work easy. They will publicize your video on their own on their blogs.

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